2 mei 2022

Afgelopen maand zette Louis een tekst van Dolf Jansen op muziek. Het gedicht gaat over de humanitaire ramp die zich in Oekraïne voltrekt. Een actueel onderwerp dat onze aandacht niet mag verliezen. Dolf Jansen gaf toestemming de tekst te gebruiken. Het lied 'Mens mens' is ondertussen opgenomen en toegevoegd aan het album Jenga dat op dit moment wordt gemixt.

16 maart 2022

Opvolger 'Jenga' is in aantocht. Een album met Nederlandstalige elektropop liedjes. Nog meer dan op voorganger Harber Rambam is het verstrijken van tijd het leidmotief. Wie houdt er niet van wat nooit meer terugkomt, zong Robert Smith in de jaren 80. Op Jenga is tussen de regels door te horen hoe spijtig de schrijver de eindigheid van alles vindt. Toch blijft de teleurstelling daarover op de achtergrond en is het zeker geen 'zware' plaat geworden. Hij nodigt opnieuw uit tot meezingen, en dat mag toch vrolijk en positief worden genoemd! Jenga verschijnt naar verwachting begin mei.

January 7, 2022

Out now: Villa Villekulla

Villa Villekulla is the home of Pippi Longstocking, a character by Swedish writer of fiction and screenplays Astrid Lindgren. The song is an ode to strong women, of which Lindgren was a prime example.

November 28, 2021

Out now: Little Christmas Bell

Just to make the holidays a little bit sweeter this year.

April 26, 2021

Harber Rambam out now!

Is it indie pop, is it Britpop, is it rock music? The more difficult to categorize, the better, Louis thinks. Over the past 2 years he recorded his debut album Harber Rambam together with musician friends. Eleven songs with different atmospheres but nevertheless strong as a whole. Carried by the Bowie-like voice of Maurice van de Geest, it has become a record to let you fully absorb in one go.

Louis Hellendoorn has been a bass player for almost 40 years and has played in many unknown bands. However,  Harber Rambam did not become a bassguitar record. Louis sees himself primarily as a songwriter. Songs with a head and a tail and an easy-to-hear song melody. “There is a good chance that you will unconsciously hum such a song the next day. If that brightens up your day, my mission will be successful.”

Later on, when the corona measures are gone, LOUISON will enter the rehearsal room. “The songs deserve a podium. It would be fantastic to be able to perform them live. ”

Many thanks to: Maurice (lead vocals), Roger (guitars), Hans (drums), Ad (additional guitar on 'Winner's Curse' & 'Martin Beck'), Ruud (acoustic guitar on 'Jerry'), Lisette (backing vocals), Rene (keys), Ella (spoken poem on 'Longer Land') & Ria (cover photo).

The album is dedicated to Richard van der Harst.

March 24, 2021

Awaiting the album 'Harber Rambam' the single 'Martin Beck' has been released today. Nice acoustic version on which Maurice's voice excels. Also listen to B-side 'Burning'.

March 11, 2021

Soon we'll have a little appetizer, ahead of the release of Harber Rambam!

Stay tuned!

Feb 22, 2021

We all crave the warmth of midsummer. We want to relax on the soft grass of the city parks. Pinched eyes in the bright light. Stare at each other until it hurts. Exchange stories of the past winter, accompanied by quiet Sunday tunes from the bluetooth speaker. Birds and summer sun. Perhaps some will quote the master of comedy, poems and drama. To sing or not to sing.

It has not quite come to that, the days are still short. Then we just have to pretend. Playing a game can’t hurt. Louison's The Shakespeare Play debut single plays the role of trailblazer for the main program and can be heard on all streaming services such as Spotify. Their debut album, Harber Rambam, will be released in April. Until then we can sing along with this single. "Now is the time," after all, everything can be different tomorrow.

Stay tuned, stay safe & make sure to "singsingalong". Yeah!


Feb 17, 2021

The Shakespeare Play is our debut single. It will be released on the 22nd of February.

The song also appears on the debut album HARBER RAMBAM. It will be available on all streaming services such as Spotify from Monday 26th of April. Stay tuned, stay safe & make sure to singsingalong. Yeah!